長期留学レポート 第4弾




国際観光学部では、4年間の在学中に2度の留学プログラム(経営学部 国際観光ビジネス学科生も対象)があります。
■カナダ The University of British Columbia 中尾 詩音さん
It's been cold since we came to Vancouver, but it's finally getting warmer.  My host mother was delighted, and said "It's the first warm day since you came."
I missed Japanese food so much that I went to a famous pork cutlet shop downtown as well as a soba shop.  I think that Japanese food is the best in the world.
When I asked the local people what they usually do, many said that they would go hiking or go to the sea. I went to a place called English Bay.  I felt that the beach itself was not much different from Japan.  However, some people were reading books at the beach, and I was surprised at how they enjoyed the beach differently from Japanese people.
Six of my classmates and I went to a night market with lots of Asian street food, which is open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  When the sun went down, the light on the stalls was very beautiful.  The atmosphere was very calm.
Since the first term of school is over, we had a picnic with all our classmates on the last day.  I enjoyed the experience, which I could never do at a Japanese school.
■Dublin City University(アイルランド)瀨戸 陸帆さん
▲After the surprise party with my teacher 
■カナダ The University of British Columbia 濵屋 佳代子さん
7月1日は、Canada Day。カナダの建国記念日でした。私がいるブリティッシュコロンビア州のあちらこちらの地域でさまざまなフェスティバルが行われるのですが、私はその中でもリッチモンドで開催される「スティーブストン・サーモン・フェスティバル」に参加しました。会場に着くと、すぐにボランティアの方からカナダのミニ国旗をもらい、周りの人々と一緒になってコンサートやショーを楽しみました。なかでも印象に残ったのは、”Japanese Cultural Show”です。茶道ショーは見ることができなかったのですが、剣道と和太鼓ショーを見ることができました。その場にいた人々が、興味深そうに鑑賞してショーが終わるごとに盛大な拍手を送っているのを見て、私は日本人としてとても嬉しくなりました。スティーブストンは、日本人が初めて移民としてカナダに渡った地と言われており、今でもたくさんの日系人が住んでいるそうです。この日は、カナダにいる人々のカナダに対する愛と誇りに感動した1日となりました。
July 1 was Canada Day, Canada's National Day. There are many festivals held in various parts of British Columbia, and I participated in the Steveston Salmon Festival in Richmond. When I arrived at the venue, I was given a mini Canadian flag by volunteer and joined in with the people around me to enjoy the concerts and shows. I was particularly impressed by the "Japanese Cultural Show”. I wasn’t able to see the tea ceremony show, but I was able to see the kendo and taiko shows. As a Japanese person, I was very happy to see that the people there looked so interested in the shows and applauded loudly after each one. They say that Steveston is the place where the first Japanese immigrants came to Canada, and many people of Japanese descent still live there. It was a day that I was touched by the love and pride of the people in Canada.
■アメリカ Tacoma Community College 大島 健正さん
■アイルランド Dublin City University 橋本 恵莉佳さん
I went to London, England, which I have liked since I was in elementary school. On Friday, as soon as school was finished, I ran home and then went to the airport. We arrived at Luton Airport late at night, so we ate dinner at Burger King in the airport. Then, we bought a bus card, checked in at our hotel, and went to bed.
The next day, We went out into the city. First, we went to St. Pancras Station. I was excited at the very large and historic station. I was overwhelmed by the cityscape that far exceeded what I imagined when leaving the station. At the same time, I felt that I was actually in London, and I was really excited.
After that, I went around famous places (such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge) to buy souvenirs and then returned to the hotel. After I came back to the hotel, I realized that I hadn't taken a bath since I came here, so I put hot water in the bathtub and took a footbath.  
My first time in London was so much fun... I want to live there!
■アイルランド Dublin City University 速水 葵衣さん
この旅行で私は初めてLCC(Low Cost Carrier)を利用しました。アイルランドのダブリンに本社を置いているRynairです。日本のPeachやジェットスターなどのLCCは座席の幅がとても狭く長時間の旅は辛いですが、Rynairはそこまで狭くなく、私は快適でした。他にも日本との違いに気づきました。それは清潔さと運航本数です。日本ではとてもきれいに清掃がなされ、清掃のために到着してから次の便まで時間がかかりますが、海外ではゴミが落ちていても気にせず、乗客を降ろしたらまたすぐ次の便の乗客の搭乗が始まります。そのため運行本数が多く、いつも空港は混んでいます。こうした違いから学ぶことがたくさんありました。
6月25日は「Pride Parade」が街の中心地で行われました。このパレードは法的権利を求めるLGBTの社会運動の1つで、アイルランドでは約2年前から行われています。たくさんの方が仮装や色々なコスチュームを着てパレードに参加していました。日本では見ることができないことを味わうことができて素晴らしい1日になりました。
▲Tower Bridge
▲Pride Parade