• 国際観光ビジネス学科が元国連大使の吉川元偉客員教授を招き特別授業を実施





On October 27, 2021, the Department of International Tourism Business held a special class on the theme of "How to Perceive the International Situation" by visiting professor Motohide Yoshikawa as a special seminar for third-year 62 students.
In the preparatory study, the students looked back on the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001 and tackled the following three questions related to the situation in Afghanistan presented by Professor Yoshikawa.

1. 国際社会では武力による「報復」は許されるのか。アメリカが9.11の首謀者殺害後もアフガニスタンに残って戦争を続けた理由。
2. 20年間続いたアフガニスタンでの戦争から、アメリカ軍が逃げるように撤退した理由。
3. アフガニスタンを制圧したタリバン政権に対し日本の取るべき対応。
1. Is “retaliation'' by military power acceptable in the international community? Why did the US stay in Afghanistan and continue the war after the murder of the 9/11?
2. Why did American troops flee from the 20-year war in Afghanistan?
3. Japan's response to the Taliban regime that overwhelmed Afghanistan.

On the day of 9.11, the students learned about the actual experience of Dr. Yoshikawa, who was stationed at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York, as well as his experiences as the first Ambassador to Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2009-2010. Students were able to learn concretely based on the professor’s experience.

From the students:
"We have no choice but to protect our own safety, and I thought it was important to have a firm idea of our own about International Situation."
“I realized once again that each person has their own way of thinking and that they can look at things in different ways.”
"I was able to learn that it is necessary to look at the international situation from multiple perspectives. And it is important to gather information from multiple sources and form our own opinion including positives and negatives."

Visiting Professor Motohide Yoshikawa Profile:
Graduated from International Christian University (ICU) in 1974 and entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his 42 years of service, he served as Director of the United Nations Policy Division, Deputy Director-General of the Economic Cooperation Bureau, Director-General of the Middle East and Africa Bureau, and the first Special Representative of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has worked abroad in Argentina, the United Kingdom, the Permanent Representative to the OECD (Paris), Thailand, and the Permanent Representative to the United Nations (New York) before serving as Ambassador to Spain, Ambassador to the OECD, and Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Since 2017, he has been a specially invited professor at ICU. He is a visiting professor at this university from this year. He speaks English, Spanish and French.