Faculty of Data Science

Department of Data Science

The Faculty of Data Science turns out data science experts who use this discipline to solve existing problems and identify new ones in order to contribute to the future of society. To this end, students acquire knowledge and skill in properly handling data, understand scientific methods, and gain the analytical and intellectual abilities to discover new knowledge and value in data. They learn to use data to solve society’s and organizations’ problems by developing their powers of creativity and execution, communicative abilities, and teamwork, and by learning to use data ethically.

Features of the Faculty

  • The curriculum steadily builds up students’ knowledge and skills in everything from the basics to the application of AI and data science.
  • Students take part in project-centered classes and joint research through association with companies and local governments.
  • Instructors include leading data scientists from national and public universities and major corporations in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area.
  • We offer state-of-the-art data facilities and an ITC environment.