Faculty of Arts

Department of Art and Design

Students can achieve their dreams in any of eight courses in the Faculty of Arts. They will pursue art in a field of interest and then use what they learn upon graduation. Besides acquiring highly specialized skills, students grow into well-rounded individuals. We encourage students to think of the role art and design can play in society and mold them into people who can turn possibilities into realities.

Features of the Faculty

  • Students get education in state-of-the-art design.
  • In industry-government-academia project exercises, students work in teams at companies and local governments to practice using art to solve social issues.
  • We hold public exhibitions where students show their work, including a third-year exhibition, a graduate exhibition, and a fashion show.
  • Internships at design firms and ad agencies give students a chance early on to experience the creativity industry.
  • Career counseling and job placement support help students get on their desired path.

Department of Art and Design

Manga and Digital Arts Course

Here, students gain a broad insight into manga, cover art, illustrations, and more from top professionals. Cutting-edge digital tools are used to hone techniques, and students develop their imagination to create new stories and characters.

Animation and Character Design Course

This course uses a range of media—anime, games, smartphone apps—to help students gain expressive skills and develop the key skills needed by animators and character designers. They master video-processing applications and 3D CG software operations and develop work production skills.

Game and Application Course

Students learn how to design game graphics and gain repeated production experience. They get active guidance directly from game-makers themselves in an optimal and up-to-date learning environment. We use virtual reality and the very latest in game engines, including Unreal Engine 4.

Online Contents Design Course

Students in this course aim to become content creators for social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. In addition to learning the video and audio skills, and developing the imaginative story-telling capabilities, needed for shooting, editing, and streaming media, students brush up their powers of expression in voice acting and narration, in the process growing into individuals who can start new trends in online media and create new markets.

Graphic Design Course

Students learn the graphic design needed to work at ad agencies, design firms, publishers, and printers, as well as acquire skills in the fields of web applications and UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design. Students’ practical learning includes creating branding and planning events in collaboration with companies and local governments, and putting out works of design.

Illustration and Fine Arts Course

Students acquire the skills of drawing and sculpting—the bases of all forms of expression—in addition to learning how to put these to practical use. The curriculum is aimed at giving students thorough power of expression; molding them into creators who can hold their own in the working world while also cultivating their individuality.

Fashion and Costume Design Course

This course fosters the ability to use one’s original ideas and power of expression to create costumes that are in demand. Students get a broad range of study in the knowledge and skills needed in the fashion and costume design industries, such as the workings of the fashion industry, and its logistics and quality control, trend forecasting, pattern making, sewing, and textile design.

Interior and Product Design Course

This course addresses accessories, furniture, public facilities, housing, and other lifestyle elements to nurture design professionals. This involves exploring materials such as wood, metal and fiber, learning about planes, solids, color composition and computer technology, and refining design ability from a user’s perspective.