Message from the President

In April 2023, Osaka Seikei University established the Faculty of Data Science and the Faculty of Nursing focusing in the growing fields of humanities, sciences, and arts. We are a comprehensive university that offers a wide variety of educational opportunities from science to social science to humanities.
Students can study in the Faculty of Global Tourism, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Arts and pursue their various interests and majors. By working together with our professors and their classmates, students will inspire each other and contribute to the growth of knowledge.
We have implemented a literacy, competencies, and dignity (LCD) education program that fosters the knowledge and skills that enables our graduates to become proactive members of society.
For example, we offer practical and active learning in the First Year Experience of our first-year curriculum called the "Seikei Introductory Seminar". Students acquire the requisite basic skills in this introductory seminar and then apply their skills and knowledge throughout the entire curriculum. When they become 3rd and 4th year students, they apply their diverse knowledge and in-depth professional education by interacting with corporations and government officials at the local, national, and international level.
For example, our students recently engaged in new product development with Lawson, Japan’s largest convenience store chain. Also, our students also conducted promotion development with Sanda City for international travelers. Finally, our students made official educational materials for Osaka City Schools to promote education about the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with the Osaka City Ward Education Committee.
Furthermore, we implement Project-Based Learning (PBL) across all faculties to ensure a seamless educational experience for all of our undergraduates. Our students identify social concerns and issues while engaging with society as a part of a practical career education, proceed with surveys and research and derive solutions.

Our students acquire global competency, and they can feel their own educational growth at Osaka Seikei University,
We are looking forward to having you join us!

Yoshimasa Nakamura